About 2POOD

2POOD® Performance is a lifestyle brand providing top performance gear for the functional fitness community.  2POOD® belts, shorts, pants, hoodies, shirts and lifting accessories serve the needs of non-globo gym based fitness enthusiasts and athletes.  We are one of the “original” WOD brands and our first sponsored athlete was Rich Froning, Jr. in 2010.

We are known for a couple things, our use and revitalization of camo patterns in the fashion sense of the CrossFit community, our love of striking, wild designs that are sometimes edgy and sometimes humorous, flag designs ranging from USA to the US State flags, the best belt ever developed for functional fitness … and most of all doing what no other company is brave enough to attempt.

Just as the 2POOD Kettlebell is reserved for the strongest and baddest dudes in the box, 2POOD® WOD Wear is often worn by advanced athletes that like to stand out.  Historically, the most intense firebreathing men and women choose to wear.  When you are training, not just working out, and fitness is your lifestyle, then you are ready to ditch the “globo” gear and wanna be stuff and step up to 2POOD® Performance.

While our gear may not give you a 2 minute Fran time, you will look and feel better before, during and after a WOD by rocking gear that is intended to be motivational, expressive and most of all functional…just like the athletes who wear it!

2POOD® is a registered trademark of 2POOD, LLC.